Las Vegas

What can you say about Vegas that hasn’t been said before? Whoever described it as a giant theme park for adults hit it on the head. You have to marvel at the built environment – the Italian villas at Bellagio, Doge’s Palace at the Venetian, chandelier bar at Cosmopolitan, roller coaster at New York New York and the hints of Guimard at Paris, but it’s all designed to pull you into the depths of the complexes so you can never leave. The food is excellent and the restaurants are cleverly tucked into dead ends behind the casinos, shops and other enticements. Anything goes, including sticking your hands into the bartender’s garnish tray to steal olives -ewww.

After the initial surprise of torrential rain, with dire flood warnings and the purchase of an umbrella – in the desert – we embraced the commercial and ate and shopped well. But 36 hours was enough.

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